Alex Roberts

Alex Roberts

Favorite outdoor toy:

“Go to” outdoor activity
: Surfing 

Favorite place at, in or near the ocean: The Pacific Ocean and its many moods and angles, especially trestles beach, san clemente California.  

Favorite place away from the ocean: My yoga mat 

Dream travel destination: I love my annual visits to south east asia, especially Bali & Thailand. 

Flip-flops or running shoes: Flip Flops or Barefoot. 

Sunset or sunrise: Both, but if I have to choose Sunrise.  

Cook or take-out: Cook! 

What will you make or order: Fish Tacos 

Swim, bike or run: Run 

Who inspires you: They say it takes a village to raise a child, and I couldn’t agree more.  I am inspired by my parents, siblings & community members that provide countless examples of kindness, compassion and love for my nephews & niece to learn from.  

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