Clean & Nourishing Suncare.

Made for Healthy Skin, Happy Planet & Sunny Living.

SUNPLUS was born and raised under the Southern California sun. Grown from our love for living a balanced, wellness-focused, outdoor, California lifestyle.

We took that same balanced approach to create ultra-effective, performance rich, healthy, skin nourishing, superfood packed, eco-friendly, sun care products designed to enhance your lifestyle under the sun.

Only Clean, Safe and Beneficial Ingredients

The SUNPLUS Difference - Healthy and Happy Skin - and Planet

SUNPLUS products do more than simply offer maximum protection from the sun’s damaging rays. They combine the best features of a high-performance sunscreen with a nourishing and moisturizing skin care product.

SUNPLUS is full of natural plant-based superfoods, vitamins, and antioxidants that make your skin look younger and feel better after a day out in the sun. Plus, it feels amazing – rubbing in clean and clear.

We use planet-friendly sustainable packaging and ingredients, adhere to eco-friendly business practices, and donate 3% of retail sales to preserve the ocean and natural space, and support those in need.

SUNPLUS is locally sourced and produced, made under the California and Florida sun.

SUNPLUS is available at these world class resorts and other retailers:

Skin Nourishing

SUNPLUS is an ultra-effective sunscreen made like a luxury skin lotion. Made with skin nourishing and moisturizing superfoods, antioxidants and vitamins. All designed to keep your skin looking and feeling younger, healthier and happier.

Moisturizing | Nourishing | Hydrating | Soothing | Protects Against Premature Aging | Protects Against Environmental Pollutants | Antioxidants | Vitamins | Plant Based Skin Superfoods | No PABA | No Parabens | Non-Nano | Non-GMO | Tear Free | Cruelty Free | Safe For Sensitive Skin | Gluten Free

Performance Rich 

SUNPLUS is designed to fit your lifestyle and offer maximum performance, no matter your adventure or activity. It offers maximum protection and will never get in the way of your training, competition or performance.

Non-Whitening | Max Sweat Resistance | Max H2O Resistance | High SPF | Not Sticky | Not Greasy | Clean | Clear | Smooth | Silky | Lightweight | Fast Drying | Fast Absorbing | Will Not Run Into Eyes

Planet Friendly

SUNPLUS is dedicated to preserving our oceans, islands, mountains, trails, and parks we love so much. It is vital that these spaces thrive for us and our children. All of our business practices are done with an eye towards doing as much to help as we can.

Natural and Sustainable Ingredients | Plant Based Packaging | Plant-Based Ingredients | Reduced Carbon Footprint | Locally Sourced and Made | Reduced Packaging | Reduced Waste | Reef Safe | 3% of Sales go to the Planet + the People

What is a Skin Superfood?

Skin Healthy & Beneficial Ingredients

We believe in making safe, healthy and ultra-effective products from the best fruit, plants, flowers and safe synthetics. Every ingredient we put into our products is carefully thought out to make sure it is the safest and most effective ingredient we can use and is most beneficial to you and your skin.

The SunBlog

Just like your body needs a variety of healthy foods to thrive, your skin needs a variety of beneficial ingredients to look its best. That is because skin cells absorb these skin beneficial superfoods just like your body absorbs the superfoods you eat.