SunPlus Ambassadors

Jordan Tarver is a passionate outdoorsman and adventurer. As an introspective writer, photographer, author, and musician, the majority of his work focuses around one overarching theme: how to live a more meaningful life. His work is designed to investigate the depth of life beyond materialism, and be a toolkit for self-discovery and becoming the best version of yourself.  He is the author of “You Deserve This Shit” and “Moment”.  His goal is to give people access to the tools, practices, and exercises to unlock their greatest potential.

Challis is named after the Challis National Forest, where her parents fell in love. She grew up skiing, rafting, and backpacking Idaho’s majestic backcountry. She graduated from college in Rome, Italy, moved briefly to NYC, and now finds herself in beautiful Santa Barbara, CA. In all of these places she has had a favorite park, beach, trail or meadow where she sought refuge.  She is a storyteller, a therapist, a sister, a daughter, a runner, but more than anything else -she loves being outside. She just feel better when she has fresh air in her lungs and the sun is shining on her skin. Right now, running is her ticket outside, but in the past it has been horsebackriding, biking, snowboarding, rock climbing and sailing.  She loves camping and backpacking and is so excited to explore more of California. 

Alex is a yogi, surfer, all-around waterman, world traveler, NCAA athlete and musician.  His background in athletics and extensive experience as an international yoga teacher have helped him share his passion for movement and the outdoors with thousands. 
Lexie is a world champion open water swimmer. She shares her love of swimming and the ocean and her winning and positive mindset and swimming skills daily as a swim coach. When she is not training or coaching she can always be found in, on or near the ocean or beach.