Planet Friendly

SUNPLUS is made from sustainable, biodegradable, plant-based ingredients and packaging, and is locally sourced and produced, reducing our carbon footprint. We minimize packaging to reduce landfill and waste. Free of microplastics. Non-GMO. Reef safe. Cruelty free.

Taking Care of Our Planet. And People.

We are dedicated our oceans, islands, mountains, trails, and parks we love so much. It is vital that these spaces thrive for us and our children. We are focused on doing all we can to support this mission.

Everything we do is local, reducing our carbon footprint. We minimize our packaging to create less waste and are developing a line of refillable sunscreens to reduce pollution created by single use plastics. Our packaging is sustainable and vegetable based and our ingredients are biodegradable, ocean and reef safe.

We believe in hiring at-risk and employment challenged persons and provide a flexible, benefit rich and employee valued work environment. Our SUNPLUS family is our most valued asset and always comes first.

3% For Good

We do more than adhere to eco-friendly business practices and people first hiring and employee benefit practices.  We donate 3% of all net sales to select organizations that support our planet and at-risk members of our community. 

Your purchase makes a difference.