It’s Important to Protect Your Skin from Sun Damage Even in the Cooler Months

It’s Important to Protect Your Skin from Sun Damage Even in the Cooler Months

By Scott Mehler

Just because it’s getting cooler outside does not mean that your risk from sun damage is any less than during the hotter summer months.  In fact, is some cases, your skin may be more prone to sun damage during the fall and winter.   Because of this, it is important to wear sunscreen year-round. 

The sun is always shining down on us no matter the time of year.  This means we are constantly being bombarded by the sun’s rays, even if we cannot feel it.  It is not the brightness or warmth that harms our skin, but rather the invisible UV rays, or ultraviolet radiation.  These harmful rays are always raining down on us, regardless of how hot it is outside.   And, clouds or gray, overcast days don’t stop them.  This means that you are being exposed to just as many harmful UV rays on a cool, overcast, and cloudy day as you are on a clear, warm, and sunny day. 

But, if you are like many people, you may think, “It’s not bright and sunny outside today. I don’t need to put on sunscreen like I normally would during the spring or summer.”  But, now knowing that it is the UV rays that cause damage to your skin, you can see why it is equally important to wear your sunscreen even during cooler months.   Knowing that I can burn as easily in the fall or winter as I can in the summer, I now make sure I cover my face, head, ears, neck, and arms whenever I go outside for run, walk, or hike, or when I’m climbing, biking, swimming, surfing, camping, or skiing.    

And, it is not just sunburn that wearing your sunscreen protects you from.  More importantly, it helps prevent skin cancer.  The sun does more harm to your skin that just cause a sunburn.  UV ray exposure without protection can cause skin cancer and prematurely age your skin.  Applying a quality sunscreen year round will not only protect you from skin cancer, it will help keep your skin looking and feeling younger.

And, to help your skin feel and look healthier and younger longer, a quality sunscreen with extra-beneficial vitamins, antioxidants, and skin superfoods, like all SUNPLUS sun care products, not only protects your skin from UV radiation damage, but from other environmental pollutants as well, which your skin is constantly being exposed to year-round.   

Another benefit of wearing a high-quality moisturizing sunscreen like SUNPLUS is that it will also help hydrate, moisturize, and sooth your skin while you are outside during these drier winter months, keeping your skin not dry out and feeling better after a day on the trail or slopes.   

As you can see, there are many reasons beyond just protecting your skin from sunburn that it is important to wear sunscreen throughout the fall and winter.  And, your skin can benefit beyond just protection if you wear a skin nourishing and skin healthy sunscreen like SUNPLUS.